2nd Grade Curriculum

Second grade is a year full of exploration, learning, and maturing. During this year, students will develop their skills in a variety of academic areas, while deepening their relationship with God. With our recent departmentalizing, students will have opportunities to learn from a variety of different teaching methods and practices. They will learn and explore the new and exciting curriculum in many different ways, while collaborating, critically thinking, working in small groups, and using hands-on activities. Students will also share what they have learned with their peers, classmates, parents, seniors, and others in the community. This year they will take their educational foundation that has been set in previous years and build upon it with new experiences, achievements, and “aha” moments!

With our school mission in mind, “Through Christ we rise above the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary,” students grow immensely in their education and faith. They will have many opportunities to become closer to God, especially during their First Holy Communion Sacramental Preparation and community service program. It is my hope that this will be a successful year for your child, where they will love what they are learning, experience things they could have only dreamed of, and have their eyes opened to the wonders of life!