4th Grade Curriculum

The fourth grade year helps to establish a strong academic and spiritual foundation. The fourth grade year encourages students to take on more leadership roles and more responsibilities in and outside the classroom. Students are guided to become more independent thinkers while encouraged to share their ideas openly. Our goal is to create a classroom environment that fosters creativity, self-discipline, leadership, and critical thinking. Students will learn through center-based activities, hands-on manipulatives, and interactive technology. Differentiated instruction is implemented daily to allow students to learn at their level of understanding all while mastering the learning standards required for each subject. Our goal is to analyze student assessment measures to ensure rigorous, relevant, and engaging instruction.

With our mission in mind, “Through Christ we rise above the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary” fourth grade students participate in a wide-range of community service opportunities and are required to perform 5 hours of community service each Trimester. Students lead Mass for the school community one month out of the year. Teachers and students alike will maintain catholic identity by creating a community of faith environment that recognizes Christ in all.

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