Little Way Pregnancy Center (Louisville)
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
St. Paul VI Institute
This institute is internationally recognized for its outstanding achievements in the field of natural fertility regulation and reproductive medicine and its professional, caring, and morally acceptable patient services for those experiencing infertility. It is building a culture of life in women’s health care through its Creighton Model FertilityCare System and NaProTechnology. Click here to find a FertilityCare Center near you.

Fertility Science Institute
The Fertility Science Institute (“FSI”) site is an educational initiative to provide the best available information for anyone interested in, or currently using, a natural, fertility awareness based method, regardless of their stage in life.

Modern Fertility Care
A non-profit hub of resources.  Find class offerings taught by trained instructors. Get access to providers who are experienced in finding the root cause of your health issues.  Explore resources created for every stage of your life including every important moment in between.

My Catholic Doctor
A nationwide organization that brings a network of faithful medical professionals to patients through video visits/telehealth, home visits, and office referrals. We can initiate your medical care virtually, order any necessary labs or imaging, and send prescriptions to any pharmacy of your choice. Most of the time we can take care of all of your needs through convenient, affordable telehealth. If in-person care is necessary, our providers will offer a home visit, invite you to be seen in their office, or refer you to a local provider they trust and recommend. We practice evidence-based scientific medicine from a Catholic perspective and integrate Catholic spirituality into our care as appropriate to the situation.

How Your Menstrual Cycle is Your Fifth Vital Sign with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack (Podcast)
An example of a secular approach that draws on the scientific advances discovered through Natural Family Planning. WARNING: this speaker is not necessarily coming from a Catholic perspective. It is listed here, however, as an example showing that Catholic-approved approaches to women’s health are truly scientific and increasingly advocated by secular practices.

Natural Womanhood

FEMM Health

Crossroads Pregnancy Center (Lagrange)


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