First Holy Communion

Our younger parishioners celebrate two essential sacraments of the Catholic faith — the sacrament of Reconciliation in the fall and the sacrament of First Holy Communion or Eucharist in the spring. Preparation is generally done during 2nd grade, but a student may prepare to receive these sacraments once they and their family are ready for sacramental preparation after the age of seven (7).

At Ascension, sacramental preparation is accomplished through a partnership involving parents, school religion teachers, and catechists. Children who attend Ascension Catholic School will receive sacramental preparation in the 2nd grade during their religion class. Children who do not attend Ascension Catholic School will meet six (6) Wednesdays during the fall for First Reconciliation preparation and six (6) Wednesdays in the spring for First Holy Communion preparation.

Participating in these preparation processes may create some conflicts with athletics and other extracurricular activities. Ascension asks you to be generous in setting your priorities in favor of these sacraments. 

If you are seeking preparation for your child(ren), please fill out the form below. For questions, please contact the Director of Youth Formation at 502-451-3860 or


For Adults:
Coming into full communion with the Catholic Church describes the process for baptized adults to complete initiation. To prepare, adults usually participate in formation to understand the teachings and experience the practices of the Church. Although some preparation may be with unbaptized adults, the formation for the baptized is different since they have already been committed to Christ and may have been active members of other Christian communities.

If you or a loved one are discerning this, please submit the form below with as much information as you are able to our Pastoral Associate at If you aren’t certain of something or have a question, skip it for now. All fields are not required so that we can begin our conversation with what we have available. We can figure out the rest together, later in the process.


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