6th Grade Curriculum

Flipped Math Classroom

In a flipped classroom setting, students will do most work in the classroom when the teacher is available to assist them.  At home, they will be asked to practice previous taught skills from earlier years or lessons from Simple Solutions and watch a teacher made video, math book video from Professor Burger, Khan Academy or You Tube video talking notes on a math concept. The notes should include vocabulary words and definitions problem examples and questions that may occur while watching the video.  The concept will also be reviewed in class and retaught as often as needed.

Homework policy for Math

Math homework should be one Simple Solution lesson four nights a week and if given, watch the current assigned video, taking notes on what is taught.  All other work should be done in the classroom and will not be assigned unless the student falls behind due to illness or lack of effort in the classroom.  Missing work will be grade as a zero if not ready at the start of the class period.  If the work is turned in the following day, the zero will be changed to a 75% if done well and work is complete.  If the student is unable to do a problem in Simple Solutions or other math related activities due to not understanding the concept, parents may sign the missing work and students will be given extended time without the zero grade.  This should not occur often since Simple Solution lessons are basically review.  

Difficulty with quizzes and tests

If a student does not pass a quiz, there is no retake.  A practice text book quiz will be given before the quiz date and will be reviewed and discussed before the quiz date.

Simple Solution Quizzes will be taken each week.  Ebackpacks will have a calendar with lesson due dates and quiz dates.  For most weeks, Simple Solution Quizzes will be on Thursdays.  Lessons will be corrected before the quiz and students will have the opportunity to ask questions each day if they choose.

If a student fails a text book test and wishes to take it again there are three steps that need to be followed.

  1. Students must arrange a time to stay after school for a study session showing new understanding or bringing questions and problems to go over. (Wednesdays and Thursdays will be the best days)
  2. Students will take the retake test after school on different date.  (within two weeks of the original test date)
  3. Students must have all previous work in for the module test.  If work is missing no retake test will be allowed.

As in all situations, sometimes circumstances come up and the above policies set up may need to be revised for individual students.  Conferences are encourage to work with individual needs.  Students and parents should keep a watch on grades and not wait until right before report cards to deal with any previous issues.


  •   Throw no work away until after conferences or report cards.  Keep papers in a box just in case there is an error might occur.
  •   Note that math grades are weighted.  Homework and problems are practice and count for 10% of the total grade.  Projects 20%, Quizzes 30% and Tests 40%  There may be only 2-3 test a trimester because the test cover about 3 Modules (Chapters) from the book.
  • ALWAYS HAVE PENCILS, PENS, AND FILLER PAPER FOR CLASS EVERY DAY.  No student will be allowed to go back to their room to get forgotten work, books or materials if that teacher is engaged in teaching a class.
  • No permission will be given to a student to call home for missing work, materials or iPads.  We can work around those issues.  All iPads should be fully charged.
  • We have several hard copies of books for students for classroom use if they prefer or their iPad is not available for use.  Their math book in on line at  my.hrw.com.  I also have graphing handheld calculators for the students when they are allowed to use them.
  • No calculator may be used with the Simple Solution Book unless previous accommodations have been made.
  • Students will write answers to word problems in complete sentences with proper English grammar.
  • While I will stay after school and help students, I will not tutor on a regular bases.  That way I am open to all 60+ students in Junior High.  ( Tuesdays are staff meeting days and I am not available.)

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