Tuition Rates

2023 – 2024 Tuition Rates for Grades K-8

2023-2024 Level 1 Tuition Agreement Form

2023-2024 Level 2 Tuition Agreement Form

2023-2024 ACH Debit Agreement

To any family who yearns for a Catholic education for their children but cannot afford it, The Answer is YES! 

FACT:  For the past two years, every single family who applied to the Catholic Education Foundation for tuition assistance – and demonstrated a financial need – earned an award.  100%!!
Instead of talking yourself out of a Catholic education for your children, shouldn’t you consider reaching out to the Catholic Education Foundation and provide a better path for both your children and your family?
The Answer is YES!    To provide a Catholic education for your children, click “here” (link to CEF website).


Level 1 – Parishioner*

1 Child                  $  7,930.00

2 children            $12,110.00

3 or more            $14,280.00

Level 2 – Non-Parishioner

1 child                   $  9,050.00

2 children            $13,550.00

3 or more            $17,960.00


A tuition increase of approximately 5% was necessary to sustain just compensation for our teaching staff. The finance committee has received a number of requests to include the book bill with tuition. After much consideration, we decided to include the School (book bill), PTO and Cafeteria fees in the gross tuition figure for the first time this year. The benefits of having a combined tuition/school fees include:

· Along with tuition the book bill will now be divided to be paid over 11 months (July – May).

· This model provides for possible financial assistance on the book bill as well as tuition.

· One convenient monthly payment.

Note that tuition assistance is available to all families, based upon financial need.  The Archdiocese has created a new voucher program; the Catholic Education Foundation has expanded its gift-based assistance, and Ascension has made a record high investment in its tuition assistance program.  Apply NOW!

Call the Ascension School office at 451-2535 for information on financial aid as well as registration TODAY!

*To be eligible for Level 1 tuition you must meet the following criteria:

  • Participate in Sunday Mass regularly
  • Be a registered member of Ascension Parish
  • Have fulfilled your 2021-22 stewardship pledge
  • Have completed a 2022-23 stewardship pledge form