5th Grade Curriculum

In 5th grade, many new and exciting concepts are learned and mastered while they continue their journey to becoming lifelong learners. They are now the “big kids” in the hallway and take on extra leadership roles during the school year including leading mass and assisting the younger grades. Fifth-grade students read a wide range of materials on grade-level topics in all subject areas. The emphasis in fifth grade is on students’ comprehension of complex texts. As their text-analysis skills deepen, students are able to determine the main themes or points of text, understand how the author’s evidence and reasons support the theme or argument of the text, and draw inferences or conclusions supported by details and evidence from the text. These skills are used across curriculum to hone their analyzation skills. Fifth grade teachers construct differentiated lesson plans that drive students to become more independent and to think critically. Through the use of technology, formative assessment, small group learning, and nurturing learning environments we are able to foster an environment where students have the ability to reach their highest levels of success.

With our mission in mind, “Through Christ we rise above the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary,” students are pushed to their greatest potential. Through the use of PBL (Project Based Learning) students complete real world projects that engage them with the community. Additionally, fifth grade students complete 15 service hours which instills in them a sense Christian stewardship and community pride.

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