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Welcome to Ascension School

Making Learning Visible

Ascension is a school replete with opportunities and poised to take advantage of them as we embrace 21st century educational ideologies. Our small class sizes allow for greater depth of teaching, a more individualized approach, greater ease in differentiation and the unique opportunity to build deeper relationships with students and parents, which allows a firm understanding of each student’s inimitable learning profile.

Ascension is among the very few schools in Kentucky to offer 1:1 iPads in all grades (K-8). We continue to utilize these tools in moderation and recognize their importance in opening the world to each student’s explorations in learning. We will always embrace the necessary balance of tools and materials used in the classroom to ensure the success of each student. Beyond technology, we will continue to encourage each student’s creativity through music, art, drama and play as we recognize that each student has talents in diverse areas.

With departmentalized classes (faculty teaching their favorite subject) in grades 2-8 our students are part of a learning environment which focuses on deeper learning (understanding) and are afforded regular opportunities to transfer their knowledge to real world problems (project based learning). These 21st century approaches are part of the recipe for making learning visible.

Our faculty will continue to challenge students through a variety of Technology/Learning strategies including project based leaning, formative assessments, differentiated instruction, inquiry based instruction and critical thinking. Our faculty spend 60+ hours per year in professional development learning how to best use these strategies in instruction.

As the fastest growing school in the Archdiocese, we welcome you and thank you for being an integral part in our continued success.

Peace in Christ,

Terrence Mullaney


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