Encountering Mary in Catholicism and Islam: A Devotional
Date/Time: Sunday, December 9, 201 3:00pm-4:15pm
Place: Church of the Ascension, 4000 Lynnbrook Dr, Louisville, KY 40220

Many Christians are unaware that Mary (Maryam in Arabic) is the only woman mentioned by name in The Qur’an and regarded as the highest of all blessed women. Surah 19: Maryam, greatly loved by Muslim women, tells her story more extensively than the Gospels. In this event Catholics and Muslims come together in their devotion to the Blessed Mother in words and sacred music. It is a historic event offered to bridge the chasm between two traditions of our Patriarch Abraham.

Sister Kathryn Huber, OSB, is a member of Monastery Immaculate Conception and the Spirituality Ministry of the Sisters of

St. Benedict of Ferdinand, IN. A vowed religious for sixty-one years, she has served as federation president, prioress, retreat minister, principal, teacher, and spiritual guide.

Dr. Riffat Hassan, internationally renowned Muslim theologian and activist, Professor Emerita, University of Louisville where she taught for thirty-three years. She is a pioneer of Islamic feminist theology as well as Jewish-Christian-Muslim interreligious dialogue in the U.S.

Special Devotional Music from both faith traditions will be provided by master harpist Sister Anita Louise Lowe, OSB and The Church of the Ascension Musical Ministry led by Mr. Jamie Gatewood.

The Salaam Network is an interfaith group of educators, peacemakers, artists and supporters from a wide range of backgrounds. The Network is committed to building bridges of understanding and harmony from a knowledge-based foundation. The word salaam is an Arabic word that means peace, good will and wholeness and is often used in greetings.
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