Ascension Longhorn Athletics


Thank you for visiting the home of Ascension Athletics!  With an amazing tradition in sports Ascension has always been competitive against the best the CSAA has to offer.

Please take a closer look at the sports we offer below.

Girls Volleyball for Ascension is offered to 1st – 8th grade. The season starts in late July and runs to late October. The 3rd – 8th grade is played under the CSAA umbrella where the 1st and 2nd grade is much more developmental. Practices are usually 2 nights a week for 3rd and up and 1 night a week for the 1st and 2nd graders.

Girls Volleyball Coordinator: Kristin Jansen

Girls Volleyball Fees:

1st – 2nd Grade: $25
3rd – 8th Grade: $55

More information and CSAA Girls Volleyball rules can be found here:

For News, registration, payment of fees, and everything Ascension Longhorn Athletics related go to our CSAA GameDay Site!

Athletic Board Directory

The Pastor appoints the Athletic Director and Assistant Director. This committee is the coordinating body for all sports and establishes the policies and direction of the entire sports program.



Athletic Director / Golf – Teague Ridge

Assistant AD – Kristin Jansen

Treasurer – Brian Soverns

Secretary – Jessica Shaw

Boys Basketball – Dink Hortsman

Girls Basketball – Tim Hartlage

JK – 2nd Grade Basketball – Chris Gregory

Concession Stand Manager / Flag Football – Louie Sweighardt

Fish Fry Directors – Frank Wheatly, Steve Spears

Girls Volleyball – Kristin Jansen

JK – 2nd Grade Soccer – Sara Morris

3rd – 8th Soccer – Sean Murphy

Field Hockey – Pam Amon

Baseball – Tim Kenney

Boys Volleyball – Dave Baker

Track / Cross Country – Dennis Jones

Anchor Parent Representative – Rick Hynes

Swimming – Juli Evers

At Large – Tom Cushing

At Large – Darla Radcliff

At Large – Brandon Baer

At Large – Jason Lewis

If you have questions or if you would like to get involved please contact us via the form below.