Aug. 8 – Gr’s. K, 1 & 2 Camp 3:00-5:00pm, parent meeting to follow at 5:00pm
Aug. 12 – Back-to-School night, Gr’s. 3-5 is 5:00-6:00pm & Gr’s. 6-8 is 6:00-7:00pm
Aug. 14 – First day of school
Aug. 23 – School pictures
Sept. 2 – Labor Day Holiday
Oct. 8-9 – P/T/S Conferences
Oct. 10-14 – Fall break

Ryan Baer, Gwen Baker, Kamryn Benner, Bryson Betts, Ryan Cassetta, Emaline Davie, Caleb Dykes, Jameson Frerman, Luis Garcia, Miles Heilman, Quenton Horton, Eli Hynes, Noelle Ising,
Aiden Lewis, Brianna Owens, Talin Ridge, Nicholas Sanderfer, Anderson Ward & Ryan Yates

Principal’s List
Gr. 8 – Gwen Baker, Ryan Cassetta, Aiden Lewis, Talin Ridge, Quenton Horton, Noelle Ising, Anderson Ward, Ryan Yates, Miles Heilman, Eli Hynes & Caleb Dykes
Gr. 7 – Evie Larosa, Joanna Logsdon & Ila Janes
Gr. 6 – Christa Ising, Caroline Jansen, Elizabeth Earley, Ashlynd Koenig & Elliott Horton
Gr. 5 – Maya Larosa, Nanette Ridge, Ella Amburgey, William Karrer, Calvin Heilman, Madison Yee & Kathleen Janes
Gr. 4 – Anna Jansen, Eleanor O’Daniel, Victoria Phelps, Maison Holzknecht, Nicholas Theis, John Guevara, Levi Amburgey, Jack Fields & Elijah Fields

First Honors
Gr. 8 – Kamryn Benner, Emaline Davie & Bryson Betts
Gr. 7 – Samantha Rice
Gr. 6 – Maggie McCulloch, Molly Gregory, Charlotte Cochran, Hannah Spencer, Joseph O’Daniel, Brooke Bishop & Rylie Flanders
Gr. 5 – Emily Sanderfer & Annmarie Mullin
Gr. 4 – Bernadette Cornell, Addison Brockman, Cade Gossman & Collins Cahoe

Second Honors
Gr. 8 – Luis Garcia
Gr. 7 – McKenna Lindsey, Leah Gordon & Max Cornell
Gr. 6 – Harlan Bates, Emily Simmons, Mia Vincent, Chloe Lile, Ryan Dolle, Karson Shoats & Benjamin Henson
Gr. 5 – Van DeHope & Louis Oesterritter
Gr. 4 – Reeves Davie, Amelia Smith & Paige Austin

Perfect Attendance
Elliott Horton, Gr. 6 & Benjamin Altman, Gr. 2

Herb Elder Award
Hannah Spencer, Gr. 6
Other nominees included – Maggie McCulloch, Molly Gregory, Elliott Horton, Brooke Bishop, Camren Sage, Emily Sanderfer & Calvin Heilman

S.T.A.R. Award – Given to a student nominated by the faculty/staff that is a great role model of Self-Control, Teamwork, Accountability & Respect
Gr. 8 – Noelle Ising & Aiden Lewis
Gr. 7 – Ila Janes
Gr. 6 – Elizabeth Earley
Gr. 5 – Van DeHope
Gr. 4 – Eli Fields
Gr. 3 – Desbry Brown
Gr. 2 – Walton Simmons
Gr. 1 – Callie Jo Cahoe
Gr. K – Hunter Thompson

We wish the best for the following teachers who will not be returning to Ascension School:
Ann Smith, Art Teacher – 29 years of service
Hanna Duff, Gr. 2 Teacher – 3 years of service
Paulette Stinnett, Counselor – 1 year of service

Have you completed your FACTS account for tuition for the upcoming school year? If not, please do so as soon as possible! Here is the link,          Thank you!

For all girls who are interested in getting (back) into the gym…
Ascension will be hosting three weeks of free volleyball clinics for all grades starting next week.

Mark your calendars:
Tuesdays: June 4th, 11th, and 18th
5th/6th : 5:00 to 6:15 7th/8th : 6:30 to 7:45

Thursdays: June 6th, 13th, 20th
1st/2nd : 4:30 to 5:30 3rd / 4th : 5:30 to 6:30

Look froward to seeing you there!
Megan Soverns

2024 Ascension girls volleyball registration is now open on GameDay! Please register your child(ren) here:

**Register your child for the grade she will be playing next year. For example, a current 4th grade student should be registered for 5th grade volleyball as she will be in 5th grade for the 2024 volleyball season.

Registration opens: May 6th
Registration closes: May 31st

3rd – 8th Grade Tryouts: July 8th AND July 10th
3rd/4th: 5:00 – 6:00pm
5th/6th: 6:15 – 7:15pm
7th/8th: 7:30 – 8:30pm

**Girls must try-out to play.

Parents will be contacted via email in early June to order uniforms. Ascension teams will wear the same uniforms worn last season.

1st practice: week of July 22nd
CSAA league play begins: August 10th
CSAA tournament finals: October 18th-20th
1st-2nd grade start dates: TBD

Please contact Kristin Jansen at with any questions.

Let’s go Longhorns!

We need everyone in our amazing community to sign-up for at least one booth/shift during our Summer Festival (5/31-6/1) and could use all the help you can give to set-up and take down (5/28, 5/29, 5/30, 6/2) a village for sure! This is our biggest fundraiser for our parish with a large amount of proceeds directly benefitting our school – we cannot do this without everyone helping!

Ascension Raffle Booth
Looking for ways to support the Summer Festival?

To see the Pre-Sales Catalog for the Raffle Booth go to: Submit both the order form and catalog when placing an order. The order form and catalog are also available in the gathering space.

We would like to have a package of twelve $100 gift cards to a variety of locally owned restaurants. Can you help us put this package together? Purchase a $100 gift card and drop it off at the parish office.

Another way to help at the Summer Festival is to make a cash donation. We will use the cash to purchase items for the booth.
Or, if you know of a business that would be willing to donate items then that is great too!

If you would like to shop, below are just a few suggestions of items to purchase & donate:
Bottles of Bourbon or Wine, Laptop, One Weekend Night Stay at a Hotel, Restaurant or Entertainment Gift Certificates, Foursome of Golf, or Battery Powered Yard Tools.

The Summer Festival is monetary support for our parish and school community.
Please contact Karen Morris 262-7064, Carleen Herde 693-9697 or Anne Ewing 558-8435 if you have any questions.


Join us for our first official Ascension pickleball tournament on Saturday, July 13th. Keep a look out for sign ups on the PTO Facebook page!

The PTO’s Used Uniform Sale will be held on 6/9 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. as an affordable and sustainable option for uniforms and spirit wear. During the sale you will be able to shop for uniforms and spirit wear, pick up pre-orders, and pick up spirit wear orders!

The PTO is accepting donations in the church lobby for the summer Used Uniform Sale until 6/8!

Submit your pre-orders and sign up to volunteer here:

Reach out to Sterling Imprints for spirit wear pre-orders here:

Thank you,
Ascension PTO

Payout, Winner, Seller, Grade
$30 Mike Flanders, Rylie Flanders Gr.6
$30 Joseph Lally, Maya Larosa Gr.5
$30 Sue Baxter, Jackson Wilbert Gr.6
$30 Jenny Townsend, Kathleen Janes Gr.5
$30 Matthew Duddy, Christian Duddy Gr.1
$30 Lynette Masterson, Henry Gregory Gr.3
$30 Nicolette Baines, Caroline Baines Gr.K
$30 Will Baumgardner, Kate Baines Gr.3
$30 Dana Matthews, Chase Amback Gr.2
$30 Lauren Barnes, Ryan Barnes 3’s
$30 Sandy Toon, Mia Airhart Gr.1
$30 Chet Airhart, Emma Airhart JK
$30 Christy Ready, Callie Cahoe Gr.1
$30 Bob Dawson, Savannah Schickel Gr.1
$30 Angel Kennedy, Hudson Kennedy
$30 Cindy Brundage, Nelly Goranflo Gr.K
$30 Mary Jane Nabicht, Madeline Thomas Gr.3
$30 Brenda McCulloch, Margaret McCulloch Gr.6
$30 Sarah Brown, Emma Brown Gr.5
$30 Gayle Lile, Chloe Lile Gr.6
$250 Kate Brockman, Addison Brockman Gr.4
$500 Chris Steurer, Finn Bates Gr.3

Did you know that Ascension is a Box Tops school? During this challenging time, our teachers and students need more help than ever. No matter what school looks like, Box Tops for Education is a fast and easy way for you to help out from home.

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: Buy participating products and use the Box Tops mobile app to scan your store receipt. The app identifies eligible products and automatically adds Box Tops to your school’s earnings online. Even if you’re shopping online or doing grocery pickup, you can still submit your e-receipts and earn Box Tops. Twice a year, our school gets a check!

The PTO uses money earned from Box Tops to fund our iPad program and other classroom needs for our students!

Here’s how YOU can help earn money for our school!
• DOWNLOAD the Box Tops app and select our school to support. This ensures that your Box Tops purchases count toward our school’s earnings.
• SHOP for Box Tops products and use the app to scan your receipt to add to our school’s earnings online.
• LOOK for any remaining Box Tops clips on packages. If you find some, clip them and send them to school!
• SPREAD THE WORD about Box Tops!
FUN TIP: You can also use the “Invite Friends” feature in the app to ask friends and family to help support our school!

Your earnings may seem small, but they really do add up. The more people that participate, the bigger the impact we can make. So let’s give our teachers the support they need and help give more kids the opportunity to dream. Little by little, we can help make a BIG difference.

The Archdiocese requires all who volunteer or work with minors to have a background check done every five years (processed for free by the parish office). Also, an initial in-person Safe Environment Training must be completed (dates and locations available at This training must be renewed every five years by doing a one-hour online course (ask parish office for the website).

If you volunteer or work around children at all, you must be up-to-date on these requirements. Please call the parish office if you have any questions.

If you are currently not up-to-date, you may continue in your work only if there are two other adults present who are up to date AND you are currently in the process of renewing your training and background check.

Anyone who is not currently volunteering but who might possibly volunteer in the future is welcome to go ahead and receive the initial in-person training. That way you wouldn’t have to scramble to do the training if you suddenly decided to volunteer for a youth event. Please submit the certificate you receive there to our parish secretary for her records.

Thank you so much for your service to our community and for your diligence in helping our parish be a responsible and safe place for our kids.

Fr. Robert

As winter approaches, there is always the chance we will need to close, delay or dismiss early. Here is what you will need to know in each event:
INCLEMENT WEATHER: The decision to close schools due to weather conditions is announced by radio, TV, and social media for Catholic schools in Jefferson County. One of the following announcements will be made:
1. All Catholic elementary and high schools in Jefferson County are OPEN.
2. Catholic elementary and high schools in Jefferson County will be OPEN BUT ON A DELAYED SCHEDULE.
3. All Catholic elementary and high schools in Jefferson County are CLOSED.
Ascension will also send closure announcement via email and text to all Ascension families.
DELAYED SCHEDULE- two hour delay: Café doors will open at 9:10am. Carpool begins at 9:40am. Classes begin at 9:55am.
EARLY DISMISSAL-ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS: No public announcement is made about system-wide early dismissal in Jefferson County Catholic elementary schools except in the case of extreme emergency. Ascension will notify parents via email and text of an early dismissal.

Student’s who are absent should be phoned in or emailed to Ms. Thomas by 8:15am. There is a 24 hour message system for you to phone in absences, 451-2535 ext. 22.
Also, it is very important that your child/ren arrive at school on time daily! Students should be in their class and chair by 7:55am. If your child is late, you must come in to sign them in. Thank you!

Provide us with your Festival Feedback!