Pray for Priests

Priests need our prayers, but do we always remember to pray for them by name? Here is a craft for students to create a mini-version of Father Adam and other priests that will serve as reminder to pray for that them by name. Fill your prayer area with these cards of the priests, deacons, and seminarians that you know — and keep fervently praying that these men do God’s will and lead those under their care to heaven.

Priest Prayer Card Template 

To create

1. Have students look through the pictures you provide of your priest (or any Catholic priest) in different vestments. Allow them to decide what their prayer card priest will be wearing so they know what colors to use. (This could also be a good time to review liturgical colors and seasons.)

2. Students could use other colors of crayon/marker to add more detail to the vestments to have them represent what their specific priest wears. How detailed students get with the vestments will depend on the age and ability of your students.

3. Give students a copy of their priest’s picture and have them cut out the head and neck. You can get these pictures from your parish website or take your own pictures of the priest and print them in color or black and white. You will want to size the pictures so that the head is in proportion with the prayer card. The head should be about a one-inch circle.

4. Glue the head to the top of the vestments on the prayer card. Write the priest’s name on the bottom of the card after the words “Pray for.”

5. Optional: Have students write a prayer on the back of the card to pray specifically for the priest listed on the front.

6. Use these prayer cards as reminders to inspire prayers for priests. When a student sees it, they should be prompted to lift up a prayer for that priest. Place the finished product in a prayer corner or other prominent place to serve as a reminder to pray for these holy men.

Let us pray

Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for Father _________ . We are grateful that he answered your call to the priesthood. Keep him in the palm of your hand. Help him to share his gifts, understanding, and love for you with everyone he encounters. Amen.




Praying for Our Priests Craft