Many received blessings during this Thanksgiving season as a result of the generosity of the Church of the Ascension. Over 35 of our blessed received overflowing baskets, sufficient to feed between 4-6, assembled by our ANCHOR families. And this does not even include much loved leftovers! Our A-Men Club, private donors, partners with our school ministry and so many contributed to this amazing result.
Our newest partners in goodness, Holiday Helpers, were also able to bless an equal number of folks with donations made through the Thanksgiving Collection Campaign. In addition, the contributions of personal hygiene and other products made during the Campaign served as a sign of the parish sharing its blessings with others. Finally, our friends at Sister Visitor Center also benefitted from the bounty with literally scores of potatoes being given to stock their shelves.
There are so many individuals deserving of our thanks for the results of our Thanksgiving Collection Campaign which I think we can rightly call: A Bounty of Blessings! I would be remiss, however, if I did not especially recognize the ministry of Terry Luckett for his exceptional leadership of this effort!
Here is what has been unique about “A Bounty of Blessings.” All of the recipients were connected with or had been referred to us by an Ascension parishioner.
We should always start by helping those around us. And, we should remember that the Spirit of Blessing (see Matthew 5: 1-12) is offered to all—-rather than assume that “giving” is merely a charitable act “given to others.”

Father Steven